Full Feature Martial Arts Fitness Classes

In our Adult Martial Arts fitness classes, you will challenge your body and mind while our highly experienced instructors ensure you master the moves without any fatigue or boredom. You get to practice new moves and new techniques every day!

Our martial arts teachers have over 40 years of experience teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and other world-renowned martial arts. We've helped people from around Davie, Woods, and West Sacramento area regain their health and trust through martial arts training — and we can help you do the same! Your first-class journey begins.

Adult Martial Arts classes Have Something For Everyone

Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-Jitsu offer you boundless opportunities to create confidence, improve focus, minimize stress and anxiety, and achieve total-body fitness. We deliver top knotch martial arts training, so if you're looking to improve your performance and get the best possible coaching, we're your adult martial arts training solution! 

Mr. Rodness, our facility's owner and chief instructor, was twice named as the International Tae Kwon Do Council's Teacher of the Year, and our facility is a multi-winning School of the Year.

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  • Learn incredible self-defense skills
  • Incredible cardiovascular endurance
  • Sustainable fat burn and muscle toning
  • Walk away with incredible self-confidence
  • More energy, reduced stress, and better happiness