Your junior will have a BLAST in our kids martial art classes

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are based on a fun, and high engaging curriculum. In all of our classes, we ensure safety on all occasions while keeping the class environment lively and fun. Our class structure is packed with drills designed to meet every junior's physical and mental needs.

Because every junior is unique, we treat your junior as an individual with different needs.

Give Your Junior An Edge This Season And See The Results For Life

From your junior's first day in our Kids Martial Arts program, they will discover the martial arts' life-changing strength. Your junior will be more positive, inspired, disciplined, and learn to value peers and teachers. 

When your junior starts the white belt transition to the black belt, they learn about setting big goals. They practice discipline and concentration while practicing new techniques. The new friends and mentors they meet will teach them teamwork and leadership. Our Rodness Martial Arts classes for juniors are Davis', Woodland, and West Sacramento's best choice to help your junior develop!

  • Teamwork and sharing skills
  • Lifelong dedication to success
  • Overall better health and well-being
  • Develop discipline, confidence, and respect

Program Instructors