RMAC Instructors


Mr. Steven Rodness

Owner and Chief Instructor
Mr. Rodness has been training in martial arts for 40 years and is a 7th Degree black belt Senior Master in Tae Kwon do. He has credentials in several martial art disciplines; He is a  3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Charuto Verissimo Nova Uniao; is a full instructor in JKD Unlimited Mixed Martial Arts for the Street™; and has a certification in Kali (battlefield) both under Burton Richardson, who has trained with some of the best Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, masters in the world.

In addition to his credentials Mr. Rodness has extensive training in Muay Thai and has attended the famous (Fairtex) Muay Thai camp in San Francisco. He has trained in Okinawan Weapons (Kobudo) and is proficient in using the bo-staff, sai, nunchaku, kama and tonfa. As well as training with Burton Richardson, Mr. Rodness has trained with Randy Couture, Baret Yoshida, Egan Inoue and Charuto Verissimo who are some of the best MMA teachers and fighters in the world.

• 1997 ITC National Sparring Champion
• 1994 ITC National Sparring Champion
• Two time winner – Instructor of the Year (International Tae Kwon Do Council)
• Two time winner – School of the Year (International Tae Kwon Do Council .



Up-to-date biographies of all our instructors coming soon!


Ms. Jennifer Spore (center)

Ms. Jen has studied martial arts for over 20 years, and holds 2nd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Kajukenbo. As a teenager, Ms. Jen trained in the art of Kajukenbo in the East Bay. In 1994, she became the 5th student ever, and the first woman, to receive a black belt at her school. Ms. Jen continued training on her own as she pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics. In 2005, she joined RMAC to resume formal martial arts training; this time in Tae Kwon Do (2nd degree 2009). In addition to Kajukenbo and Tae Kwon Do, she has trained in To Shin Do and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.


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